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Handy Neighbor

Our community has many “handy neighbors.” These are individuals who have the skills to perform small tasks and the willingness to do so for others in our community that may not be able to do the job themselves. Some examples are:

Replacing locks​
Install/Repair Mailbox
Install/Replace Towel Racks​
Change light bulbs​
Install Smoke Detectors/replace batteries
Install blinds or drapes
Fix leaking toilets

There are many other small household jobs that could be done by our volunteers, but we cannot possibly list all of them. The volunteers will bring the tools they need, but please remember that you must provide any material or supplies needed for the job. If you are a resident of our community and need the assistance from a handy neighbor, you may contact Mill Creek Village by going to the “Contact” tab above to send an email or to call the telephone number. Provide us with a description of the job and one of our handy neighbors will contact you to schedule a time or to obtain additional information.

Want to help?:
Mill Creek Village VolunteerApplication

Need Assistance?
Complete and submit the Sen Com Intake Form rev 103113

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