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For many of us, our familiar neighborhood of Mill Creek Towne is where we’d like to stay as we grow older. Mill Creek Village, a volunteer group of neighbors helping neighbors, will help us do just that. This “village” concept follows in the tradition of other such groups that have formed across the U.S. and especially in the D.C. area. By providing benefits such as transportation to medical appointments, light handyman services, and neighborhood social events, Mill Creek Village can help lighten the load of maintaining an independent home as we “age in place.”

If you would like to be added to the Mill Creek Village newsletter list, please call 240 686 5870 or email mctvillage@gmail.com.

Who is a Mill Creek Village member? Anyone residing in the Mill Creek Towne area bounded by: Muncaster Mill Road on the north, Redland Road on the east, Mill Creek Drive on the west, Midcounty Highway and Beauvoir Blvd on the south. 7727 through 7740 Laytonia Drive, and Mill Creek Townhouses Condominiums on Mill Run Drive and Mill Crest Drive.


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